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Your environment at CoEvolve Northern Star is planned, designed and built holistically, based on the principle that no resource should be wasted, and where all waste produced is considered a valuable resource in itself.
At CoEvolve Northern Star, one of the premier sustainable projects in Bangalore, our main focus is on supporting sustainability so that you can reduce your carbon footprint and play your role in promoting the concept of green living.We have worked meticulously on our sustainable apartments in Bangalore North to optimize their potential through different green design initiatives. These steps are helping to reduce the environmental impact our 2 & 3 bhk apartments have and in addition, these initiatives will also provide long term benefits to customers purchasing these sustainable apartments.

Eco Friendly Apartments Bangalore North

Renewable Energy

Solar panels and Windmills generate 20 kW of clean green renewable energy. This powers the entire common area lighting.

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High performance glass

High performance glass by Saint-Gobain on sun facing windows cut out heat while letting in light

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LED Lights

All common areas are lit by LED lights. To further optimise power consumption they are controlled by a network of timers and sensors.

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Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heaters for the top 3 floors reduce usage of energy-hungry electric water heaters.

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Waster Water Treatment

The waste water is segregated at source into black water (from commodes and kitchen sink) and grey water (from shower area and utility). ECOSTP has designed a very futuristic Sewage Treatment plant (STP) & Grey water treatment plant (GWTP) for CoEvolve Northern Star. It does not use any electricity. It does not have any moving parts. It works by gravity flow and biological process. It gets even better. The maintenance cost are substantially lower than conventional treatment plants.

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Solid Waster Treatment

On site solid waste composter takes care of the perennial issue of garbage while also producing organic compost

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Energy efficient gearless elevators with group control to optimize usage.

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Charging Bays

Dedicated electric vehicle charging bays powered by onsite clean green renewable energy.

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Diesel Generators

Power backup via diesel generators with automatic load controller to optimise fuel consumption.

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Advanced Water Treatment

Treated grey water is passed through a state-of-the-art Tertiary Water Treatment Plant making it pure enough to drink.

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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting maximizes utilization of rainwater through filtering and bulk storage

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Water Softener

A water softener plant treats all incoming water from borewells or tankers

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Deep Bore Recharge Wells

Abandoned, dry borewells on the property will be converted to Deep Bore recharge wells to replenish the groundwater table with excess rainwater.

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Groundwater Recharge

All rainwater runoff is directed to Deep Recharge Pits via a network of storm water drains, replenishing the groundwater.

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Pumps & Motors

Energy efficient pumps & motors for all requirements

Our Sustainability Initiatives

As one of the foremost sustainable projects in India,
CoEvolve Northern Star is the project where multiple sustainability features have been implemented.
These features include:

  • Use of renewable energy through windmills and solar panels
  • High-performance glass
  • The LED lighting and solar water heating
  • Wastewater treatment and solid waste treatment
  • Energy efficient and gearless elevators
  • Charging bays running on renewable energy
  • Diesel generators with load controller for optimizing fuel consumption
  • Tertiary water treatment to make greywater drinkable
  • Rainwater harvesting


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